Places to See in Mexico

Mexico, located in North America is a beautiful hot-spot for those who want to enjoy fine weather, and unlimited things to do. For a family wanting to keep their kids busy on summer vacation, or the newly wed couple craving an exotic break away then mexico holidays comes highly recommended. Spanish is the official language, however locals have become very accustomed with the English language, mainly due to the consistent fluctuation of tourists. Just to get the full benefit and be a hit with the locals, why not brush up on some Spanish, even just the basics to make your holiday a lot more enjoyable.

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Art lovers, and those heavily cultured people will be in for a treat. Mexico city is the place to be for a range of art galleries, decors, architectural buildings and more. One of the key must see places is the National Museum of Anthropology. This mesmerizing historic place contains anthropological artifacts, including the infamous Stone of the Sun. This is often described as the most famous piece of Aztec sculpture history. Due its the size, and the vast amount of objects to see it could take an entire day, or perhaps two to fully appreciate what is on offer. Plan before you go, so you can get to see what interests you. Be prepared to queue, this is a highly popular tourist area.


Beaches are frequently associated with mexico holidays, and this is all down to the glorious weather. One of the most famous is the ever popular Cancun. Located in Southeastern Mexico, this city is on the Caribbean sea, making it the ultimate choice for sun worshipers, and lovers of the ocean. Normally the climate is tropical, however there are a few rainy seasons in the mix. Try to avoid November to February, known as the wet seasons. Temperatures will still be high, but rain can dampen your spirits, if you fancy a swim, or want to sunbath.

Chichen Itza

For the explorers of history, how about a visit to Chicen Itza with your own private archaeologist. The pickup begins from Cancun, then its of to your destination ahead of the early morning crowds. You can hear all about Mayan Civilization, and how this remarkable landmark remained a place of worship, right up until the Spanish came along. The beauty of the private tour is asking all the questions you want, getting ahead of the crowds, and taking your time. Perfect for true historians. Of course those who don't mind can avail of a regular tour when they choose.


Early morning risers should make it their business to go downtown to Coyoacan. Filled with museums, churches, and quirky markets, you can just walk down the cobblestones and get a grasp of this wonderful neighborhood, and all its hidden delights. The markets have everything on display from designers pieces, jewelry, and even tasty treats to have a nibble on. Mexico is a truly wonderful place just waiting to be discovered. Make it your chosen destination this year.